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Between two excursions or idle moments, if you want to relax, regenerate, resource or end the day by friendly touches then Le Clos des Capitelles is tailor-made for you!

Massage - Reflexology - Osteopathy * & Beauty cares


Massage, which aims to relax tensed areas and to rebalance energy, is part of a healthy lifestyle already for millennia.

However, the sense of touch is too often neglected in our western way of life. That's why we offer you to enjoy your holidays experiencing its benefits. Disconnection and serenity assured!

* in July and August


  • Californian massage: it is a relaxing massage, with fluid movements, continuous, completed by kneading, long strokes, wraps and relaxants, which aim to relieve tension and get a feeling of absolute abandonment!
  • Thai massage: an energetic massage that dynamises the whole body and activates the lymphatic circulation, while providing a serenity and feeling well-being.
  • Face & skull modeling: real true anti-stress, its touch in pressure and rotation relieves tensions. Guaranteed detachment!
  • Plantar and palmar reflexology: feet massage for one, hand massage for the other. Some see in it the possibility of energy rebalancing. Anyway, the sensation of decompression induced on these zones often too few considered is a great radiating source of well-being.
  • Body cares: moisturizing care, beauty care, vitality care, etc.
  • Epilations: legs, half-legs, armpits, bikini-line, lip / chin, eyebrows, back / torso, forearm, etc.
  • Osteopathy : in July and August, enjoy your holidays to relieve your pains in order to leave in better shape!

A Zen Parenthesis...

Yoga au domaine 5 étoiles Le Clos des Capitelles


Renowned for its de-stressing, soothing, and even meditative virtues, yoga is a key ally to enjoy peacefully holidays and to start on a good basis

In July and August Le Clos des Capitellesoffers free of charge a 1h yoga session per week to all residents.

Sauna au domaine 5 étoiles Le Clos des Capitelles


The dry heat of the sauna causes a dilation of the skin pores, as well as a strong sweating, which enhances the elimination of the toxins and gives a feeling of well-being.

Come and enjoy the purifying and relaxing virtues of the sauna, with free access for all our residents.

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Cours de sophrologie au domaine 5 étoiles Le Clos des Capitelles

Qi-gong & Tai-chi

Tai Chi is a body discipline, based on the dynamic balance of Ying and Yang forces, whose virtues are used by Chinese medicine.

Qi-gong, "qi" for energy, "gong" for work, also from Chinese medicine, is the work of energy by the body. A gentle gymnastics which acts onto psychic, spiritual and physical balance.

In July and August, Le Clos des Capitelles offers Tai Chi sessions * (1h) and Qi-gong * (1h) per week to all residents for a minimal participation of only 8 € per person per session.

Fill Up Yourself With Energy!

Aquagym domaine 5 étoiles Le Clos des Capitelles


Because the soft gym practiced in a swimming pool is beneficial and accessible to all without any prerequisite, in July-August, Le Clos des Capitelles is happy to offer free and to all its residents, a session of 1 hour per week .

Enjoy the motivation of the others to increase yours, then work your muscles without forcing!

Randonnées domaine 5 étoiles Le Clos des Capitelles

Guided Hiking

In July and August, each week, Le Clos des Capitelles proposes for free, and to all its residents, a hike. (day or half-day duration according to the program) with a passionate guide about nature and local history.

Discover the weekly hiking program at the reception. Immerse yourself in the region and let us guide you with friendliness!

Salle de sport domaine 5 étoiles Le Clos des Capitelles

Gym room

The benefits of fitness and muscle building toned no further proof. That is why, to offer you the possibility to enjoy your vacation to get in shape, Le Clos des Capitelles gives access, for free to all its residents, to its gym room.

Take the opportunity of a clean schedule to improve your lifestyle ... and make good habits!

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Animations * - Kids & Teenagers Club *

Sports activities, Creative workshops, Games, Friendly evenings

At Domaine Le Clos des Capitelles, the holiday spirit goes through the possibility of meeting others, and not by the indirect obligation to undergo their festive desires. That's why, here, you will not find discotheques or noisy evenings every day. On the other hand, we propose themed evenings which aim to favor the sympathy and conviviality between our hosts : apero-quiz with sangria & marquisette house-made and many others, dancing party (once a week), karaoke where the atmosphere is very child-friendly, home-made paella party, etc.

We also organize petanque tournaments as well as games in the swimming pool that are open to everyone (but, only on certain time slots, so that you can bathe and relax with full serenity).

A youth leader is available for children and teenagers for free. The advantage of our small, human-sized structure allows her to adapt her programs trying to satisfy everyone. Creative workshops : from painting, making lavender cattails, drawing contests, etc., to sports activities : football, volleyball, swimming pool, etc., by way of role and social games ; your children or adolescents should be able to enjoy your moments of relaxation and idleness.

* Only in July and August.


  • Youth leader for kids & teenagers : creative workshops, games, sportive activities, etc.
  • Themed evenings
  • Petanque tournaments & Games in the swimming-pool

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