location de mobilhomes haut de gamme au Clos des Capitelles
Are you looking for a mobil home and/or chalet at the top of the quality range, very well equipped and located in peaceful places
in order to enjoy a cozy stay deep inside Nature? ...to let escape you through it? ...to get fresh ideas, or to resource you there?
Welcome in camping Le Clos des Capitelles, in the Gard department, in between Provence, Cévennes and Ardèche :
A domain entirely designed for your well-being within a preserved environment.

Rental of residential mobil homes and chalets

Top of the quality range & Affordable

In order to propose you chalets and mobil homes at the top of the quality range and at the best quality/prices ratio, all our accomodations belong to yearly vacationers, whom elected Le Clos des Capitelles to establish their holidays home. Therefore, these are robust residential structures, insulated, air-conditioned (all of them, except one), very well equipped and designed for living indoor a longer period of time.

We manage the subletting for all our vacationer residents whom wish to recoup the cost of their yearly pitch rental, which ensures you a homogenouss quality service, irrespective which type you select. This subletting service, provided to our yearly vacationers, allows you to stay for an attractive price (at the price of the rental range, majority range of most of the campings) at the top of the range chalets or mobil homes, larger (up to 40m2 indoor and up to 40m2 terrace!) and better equipped than the average.

Alternative tourism & The sweet way of life

This win-win strategy for our yearly and temporary vacationers, is not so lucrative (our percentage on the sublease is only to cover our expenses) for the intent of sustainability and preservation of the environment. Because escaping, recharging one's battery, discovering and being moved makes sense ... but not at the cost of sacrificing local resources and future generations! That's why our renting buildings are not disposable consumables. Here, being demanding on quality means being sustainable.

Our tourism view is not a consumption of places, goods and services, but a discovery, a meeting and a chance to savor. And it is by trying to make the alternative tourism more accessible to most budgets, we propose you an alternative within concrete and realistic reaches! This is what motivates all our initiatives and which, we hope, will delight you.

Six categories at top of the quality range

Six catégories de mobilhomes et chalets au Clos des Capitelles et tous en haut de gamme

Comfort & Large pitches

Standard equipment = "Gamme confort"

We designed our open-air accommodation as an asset to preserve holydaymakers'tranquility and intimacy. That is why all our pitches are spacious (from 200 to 340 m2) and distributed in a large wooded park.

The standard equipment of all our mobile homes and chalets is as follows: air conditioning *, reinforced insulation *, heating, WIFI access, TV, electric barbecue, sofa, well equipped kitchen, two bedrooms, terrace, parking space, a garden room, an outdoor area lined with trees and shrubs. A washing machine as well as a tumble drier are at your disposal (coin-operated). It is also possible to rent a cot and a baby chair.

* all of them except one

Additional Options

Our ranges are defined according to the area size of the mobil home / chalet, the size of the terrace, and the number of additional options:

  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • A third bedroom
  • Rolling shutters
  • Covered terrace
  • Larger mobil home / chalet

Le Clos des Capitelles's Services

* on July and August ; ** 1 session offered by person and by week ; ° 8€ per session of 1h

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